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The database of Emigrants from Falbygden

The persons in the database is the emigrant her-/himself, the parents, siblings and partner (mostly married). Emigrants from other parts of Sweden or countries are also in the base.

For those who isn't born in a parish of Falköping/Falbygden they have to be married, be a sibling or parent of one. Or have on other connection to an emigrant from Falköping/Falbygden. Those who just have lived a time here or emigrated from the area aren't in the database.

The numbers of found emigrants from Falköping/Falbygden are about 4 300. You maybe think it's a high number but around 13 000 born in the area emigrated so it's still a lot to find.

For me it's important to find information not just the emigrant but also her/his family in Sweden and the new country. Often they immigrated to a relative who already settled down in the new homecountry.

The data base have about 82 000 individuals.

The information comes from:

  • Swedish churchbooks
  • Swedish-American Churchbooks transcripts
  • Relatives in Sweden and in the new homecountry, mostly US
  • Databases, newspapers and websites

Newfound are often published in the Facebook group Falköping Genealogi.

I hope by this website to increase found emigrants from Falköping area.

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