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About major purpose is to present emigrats born in the parishes of Falköping, On other name of the area is Falbygden. Falköping/Falbygden You find in the west part of Sweden.

Where they settled down doesn't mater.

The lists were updated 2012. Updating are made in the basic material, inaccuraciess discovers and are corrected regular. This isn't always made on the website. It take a long time to update the lists on the site each time a change has been made. Webmaster prefer to put the time on research of the emigrants instead. There is more found emigrants then are published on this site. Newfound are more often published in the Facebook group Falköpings Genealogi.

If you find the name Tagesdotter on the Internet, it's the alias for the webmaster in genealogy. It had been the patronymikon if we still had our names as in the old days.

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