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Yes, the information on the website is free. Terms how to use it see Terms.

The persons in the Gallery are all originate from Falköping area. Hopefully you also have such a treasure of photos in an album or desk drawer. Unfortually our ancestors didn't write on the back so much about who those in the picture were, they already knew who they were. For us in an other generation it can be hard to find out.

When I have read your letter I send an acknowledgement that I have read it. If it takes time, please send a new email with your request.

The database Emigrants from Falbygden

Contact me and leave the right information. The wrong will be corrected in the database. The lists on the website will be updated in 2018 and it would be nice to have incorrect information corrected.

Your emigrant must be born in one of the parishes in Falköping area to be qualified to be an Emigrant from Falbygden. There are more found emigrants then are published on the website. Contact me to find out more. If she/he is a found emigrant you can get that information for a fee.

Contact me to get a free search in the database. If she/he is a found emigrant you can get that information for a fee.

Search for swedish roots

Contact me and I will help you for a fee. You must know the requested information which are on the list of the site Research otherwise it can be almost impossible to find your ancestors in Sweden.

When you have sent the request I take a look at the information you have sent and see if there is a starting point. You must read and follow the instructions on Order which information which are needed to be able to make research for your ancestors in Sweden. It better to sent more information then less, by doing so it will be easier to do the research and find them.

Please visit the blogg Släktresan i dåtid och nutid, it's in swedish but with the help by Google-translation you can read it. There is information how you can do genealogy research on your own. Oct 2014 - Jan 2015 there is a set of articles of 12 about how to do research on your swedish roots from US.

Research conclusion

Before I start to do a research I make an estimate if there is possible to make a search. In the middle you get a message how the research goes. When the research is finished you get a detailed report in English with the result to your email. And at the same time you get a invoice from Frilans Finans with the fee.

It's probably a lost ancestor. A bastard child is almost never found the lost parent of. Mostly the mother is written in the churchbook but not the father.

Interview your family about the family is good and that information can be vital to know where to look. But sometimes the memory isn't' the same as in the written sources such as Vital Records. Maybe the family moved in the early age of the children to an other county and the memory where the children where born are lost.

Cost & Payment

It depends what you like me to help you with. Please contact me and we talk about it.

All information you need to make a payment is on the invoice from Frilans Finans.

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