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Carl Ljungkuist 1876 - 1954

Carl Ljungkuist
B 1876-04-04 Långaläst, Floby (R)
D 1954-11-19 Chicago, Cook Co, IL, US


From the left on top: Sigurd 1906-1975 (son), Carl 1875-1954, Ebba 1903-2000 (daughter), Arvid 1901-1974 (son).

Second from left: Sigrid f Gustavsson 1876-1953 (wife), Vivian 1925-1958 (granddaughter) och Antionette b Fear 1901-1978 (daughter in law - wife of Arvid).

The grandson Ron 1935-2015 wasn't born when the photo was taken.

The children took the name Youngquist.

Photo and letters: Annelie Jonsson, Falköping, Sweden

Emigranted from Stockholm 1899. I Stockholm Carl was gard at the royal palace.

Worked in a tailor shop in 40 years. In 1948 Carl was employed as a verger at an english lutheran church with 125 dollar/month.

Visited his old homecountry Sweden and relatives.

Carl was born as number 4 in a of six brothers and sisters. The oldest emigreted 1887 to Chicago, Cook Co, IL. John Floren 1868-1946.

The contact with the family in Sweden and US has never been lost.

Letters in Swedish to siblings in Sweden

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