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John Hogstrom 1860 - 1950

Newspaper articles

Svea, a monthly Swedish-American Newspaper in Worchester, MA. Was published in 1897-1966 in swedish. The article En svensk-amerikansk dreyfus i Brooklyn, NY was published in December 1934.

In Falköpings Tidning the article den kloke dåren från Segerstad by Assar Blomberg 12th October 1943.

Hugo Sköld, the editor of Boken om Stenstorp, wrote an article in Falköpings Tidning about John Högström which was published 26th June 1977.

In Falbygdens Genealogical Society's periodical Falbygdsanor 2000 Inga-Lill Jonsson wrote Den klocke dåren från Segerstad, John Högströms levnadshistoria.

Anders Johan Persson Högström John Hogstrom
B 1860-09-16 Bissgården, Segerstad (R)
D 1950-01-16 Beckomberga sjukhus, Stockholm (AB)

From left: Wife Alma Elisabeth f Torsein 1866-1892, in mother's knee Edith* Catharina Charlotta Elisabeth 1889-1929 , Ellen Carolina Gerda* Marina 1883-1965, Artur Rinhold Johan Fabian (Arthur John) 1888-1945 and John Hogstrom.

Alma born in Anders Torstensgården, Segerstad (R).

The children were born in Stillwater, Washington Co, MN.

John Hogstrom lived a comprehensive and colorful life.


Photo: Annelie Jonsson, Falköping, Sweden

Anders Johan emigrated 1880 and Alma 1882 from Segerstad (R). They got married 1882 in Stillwater, Washington Co, MN. John had a delicacy shop in the town Stillwater.

Alma became ill in TBC and wanted to go back to Sweden to die. So in 1892 the family traveled back home but she passed away on the ship two days before in extend into port in Göteborg. Alma was buried at Segerstads kyrkogård (R).

John became traveler in Europe in showing Edison Phonograph during the end of 1890ties. The family took care of the children. Edith at her mother's parents and the elder at a uncle to Alma and a sister to John (married) in Gällstad (P).

1898 he open the Café Edison on Andra Långgatan, Göteborg. In 1901 he became sued for not payed a cook enough salary. At the court a witness testify false. As he was in jail at the time when the rent for the café should been payed he got bankrupt and someway he became an inmate on mentalhospital. In 1903 he become released after protests, demonstrations, articles and lampoon which was made for his dismissal in Göteborg.

John moved to New York there he worked as streetcar-conductor. When he had enough money he started the broom factory Hostrom's Fibre Brooms and Brushers on Brooklyn. The money to start the business he earned from his wages and by playing card.

John couldn't forget how he was treated in Sweden so he sued Sweden on 15 000 dollar. In 1935 he traveled home to Sweden to see his daughter and the family. He met the king Gustav V and got from him money so he could travel back to NY. In 1937 John traveled to Sweden again and this time it didn't gone well for him. He became an inmate on Beckomberga hospital in Stockholm, after his protest at the gallery of Riksdagen when he didn't got the money. He poured soup in his month when he foamed at the mouth with rages.

The daughter Gerda got married and had a family in Sweden the two younger moved to NY. The family lost the contact with the daughter Edith's family when she passed away to early. Edith married Buck and had a daughter Elise b 1919. The son Arthur settled in Plainfiel, NJ.

Family in NJ, NY and Sweden.

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