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The database Emigrants from Falköping/Falbygden

Do you like to know if your family is in the database? Contact me and I make a free search. If any information are already research you pay according to the pricelist.

Guidance - consultation

Do you like to have guidance, personal help and research to get to know more about Your family in Sweden?

Family in Sweden

Dou you like to know more about your ancestors in Sweden? I can help to find out.

You need to know

Information which is need to do research in Sweden:

  • Full Name - first names and last name
  • Date of birth YYMMDD
  • Place of birth - parish and provicence
  • Date of emigration
  • With whom the emigration took place
  • Destination in US
Where to find information
  • Relatives of today
  • Letters and photos from Sweden
  • Obituaries
  • US Censuses
  • Naturalization
  • Passport Application

Genealogy researcher Annelie Jonsson

Genealogyresearched since 1991. The roots in Skaraborg in the area of Falköping.

Diplomed from Sweden Genealogy Federation in teaching genealogy.

Teach genealogy research since 2009. Beginner and more.

Since 2005 has been working with the database Emigrants from Falbygden. It include the emigrant and her/his family in the old homecountry and the new one.

Help swedish-american to find roots at Falköping/Falbygden and relatives in Sweden.

Helped the Historical Society Årås Kvarn to find descendant of Kölingared parish (P - Älvborgs län) autumn 2014 - spring 2015 to their homecoming project.

Helper during SwedGen a class for swedish-americans who searched for their roots in Sweden June 2015 in Falköping.

Project leader since 2017 for the Genealogy Trip to Sweden - Adventure Skaraborg.



Tips how to research for swedish ancestors

Do you have emigrants from Sweden in your familytree? Like to know more about to find them? Which sources to use?

In my blogg (Links) you find information which sources to use and how to genealogy research for your ancestors in Sweden.

Use Google translation as the blogg is in swedish.

Contact in the foot, se below.

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